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Marine Engineer's Template

Crafted with time and experience, we bring you a template designed for you and your needs. Combining symbols from multiple engineering disciplines, you will be able to complete fine drawings that impress your reviewer. As a jack of all trades, you have wide knowledge, and need a template with a little of everything. This template was formed based on the designer's experience as a cadet and third assistant engineer. 

Flowplan Stickies

Plans change and ideas evolve. With our stickies, you have flexibility as you design flowplans, logic diagrams, and processes. With the flexibility of re-positioning, why fill your wastebasket with crumpled papers of scrapped drafts? Lay our stickies out on a table, whiteboard, or sheet of paper and make your flowplans and logic diagrams come to life. Made of quality 3 x 5” Post-It notes; rearrange, add or delete these with ease. Use a ruler to achieve perfect alignment of stickies for your project.

 Blue Collar Academy

Did you grow up in the school of hard knocks? Do they call you a hard hat? On-the-job was your only real training? Be blunt with these stickers. You know that you're the one that can get the job done.

Marine Engineering Template Guide